Satellite Telephony Security: What is and What Will Never Be

This talk provides an in-depth treatment of satellite telephony networks from a security perspective. The overall system seems secure, but in reality, it cannot be expected to be fully reliable.

We will briefly cover the satellite mobile system architecture, then discuss GMR (GEO-Mobile Radio) system elements, e.g. GSS (Gateway Station Subsystem), MES (Mobile Earth Station), AOC (Advanced Operation Center), and TCS (Traffic Control Subsystem) for GMR-1 systems and NCC (Network Control Center), GW (Gateway), SCF (Satellite Control Facility) and CMIS (Customer Management Information System) for GMR-2 systems.

From there, we will discuss the security issues of GMR system as it shares similar vulnerabilities with GSM–GMR is derived from the terrestrial digital cellular standard GSM and support access to GSM core networks, along with some interesting demos.